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The Development of China Waterpark

The modern sense of water park originated in the West. Although the water park industry in 1940, the 1950s that appeared in North America, but was officially recognized by the WWA the first water park is George Mile in the 1980s in Orlando created Wet'NWild water park, in 2004 he was WWA awarded "water The father of the park "title. The rapid development of water park in the West has had a significant impact on the emergence and development of China's water park industry.

In addition to being influenced by the development of the Western water park industry, as an integral part of the theme park, the development of China's water park is closely linked to the development of China's theme park industry. After the reform and opening up of the 20th century, 80 to 90 years, the theme park was quickly introduced to China, and showing artificial miniature landscape and urban amusement park two basic forms. Among them, in the city amusement park, has appeared in the water park figure. 1985 Guangzhou Oriental Park in the "water world" is China's first water park. After the Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Shenyang, Suzhou and Zhuhai and other cities as the center, one after another built dozens of water park. However, this period of the construction of the water park is widespread small area and the amount of investment is small, most only one or two million square meters, the investment amount is only one or two million, mainly using domestic equipment. In addition, due to unreasonable market positioning, high ticket, fierce competition, mismanagement, traffic inconvenience, security problems and many other reasons, so that after a small number of renovation can continue to operate and even after the development and growth, the majority of universal "one year Xing, two years Sheng, three years of decline, four years of failure, "the short life cycle, into residential, urban public facilities and other purposes.

Overall, the development of this period of water park on the one hand is to learn the development process and experience in the West, but more dependent on self-exploration. A large number of water park collapse for the industry to further improve and enhance the provided useful experience and lessons learned. The basic laws of the development of some water parks have been effectively summarized. Theme, location, investment, marketing, profit and supervision in the water park construction and development of the status and role of the scientific system has been recognized, so as to 2000 after the large-scale development of water park laid the foundation.

After 2000, in the local theme park development and construction of the overall recovery of the situation, the development of China's water park has entered a new era. The sustainable development of the economy, the strong demand for residents' leisure and entertainment, the improvement of travel and traffic conditions, and the diversification of government, private and overseas capital, the rapid development of China's water park, especially since 2007, such as Guangzhou Changlong Water Park , Beijing Water Cube Paradise Park and Shanghai Happy Valley Maya Water Park and a number of influential large and medium-sized water park, indicating that China's water park has entered a large capital, brand, strong marketing and large market stage.