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Classification and repair of children 's inflatable toys

Children inflatable toys

Children inflatable toys refers to the use of thin film material tension and film pressure difference between the manufacture of toys. Its release after the gas storage volume is small, easy to carry collection.

Inflatable Toys Category:

Children's large inflatable toys:

Such toys are larger, mainly in parks or shopping malls, such as: naughty fort, entertainment city;

Children's cartoon inflatable toys:

This inflatable toy shape for the cartoon image, because the color is bright, interesting and strong by the children's favorite, such as inflatable puppies, inflatable Mickey Mouse.

Children's small inflatable toys:

Such inflatable toys are small, no specific shape, such as inflatable ball; such inflatable toys are mainly used in water, such as swimming rings, inflatable boats, etc., summer is the sale of water inflatable toys golden age.

Inflatable toys maintenance

1, before the toy deflated, with a semi-dry towel to clean the surface of the toy, dry after the deflation, folding set cool and clean place;

2, if the toy storage poor water, can not be discharged in the case, put dry and ventilated place blowing, dry until the water evaporated so far, should not have water storage;

3, toys, long-term storage, should be checked regularly whether the moisture, should be blowing in the ventilation and wipe clean.

Inflatable toys cut how to repair

1, paste requirements

First in the toy to paste and fabric evenly coated with glue, and then dry to half a minute, the cloth posted to the paste, flattened after the Alice, paste finished.

The toy is cut

(1), pruner longer than 5cm application needle sewing, and then paste with cloth or cloth paste

(2), the mark is less than 5cm can be directly paste

2, seam open line

First with the needle and thread to the joints sewn flat, (or from the bottom of the air into the open and sewn), can be used to paste the way to handle a solid, while considering the beautiful.

3, landscaping Department Alice with a small brush at the edge of the application of appropriate amount of glue, paused after the flattening pressure, paste can be firmly.

to sum up

Children's small toys with soft, flexible and lovely features, large inflatable toys safe and exciting, and interesting, water inflatable toys is very fun.

It is the children's inflatable toys have a variety of characteristics, so that more people to accept, and inseparable from it; In addition, the development of large outdoor toys in recent years to a certain extent, driven by the development of children's large inflatable toys; children inflatable toys outer raw materials The rapid development of film technology, the extensive use of PVC materials, but also effectively promote the rejuvenation of the development of the toy industry, so in recent years, children's inflatable toys to maintain a better pace of development.