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Inflatable toys use instructions and maintenance

First, the installation of inflatable toys:

1, the equipment placed in the flat ground, the equipment below the best put a mat (such as carpets, plastic color cloth), and then expand it. 2, find the equipment into the air, and then connected with the fan outlet, and the fan mouth tight, and then the standby air inlet with a rope tight.

3, the blower connected to power, equipment in 5-10 minutes will be muster.

Second, supporting the installation of the fan:

1, the choice of national standard 1.5mm2-4mm2 cable several meters connected with the fan, the other end connected to the air switch, and connected to the electric shock protection.

2, before use should first check whether the power supply voltage and the nameplate match, the direction of rotation is correct.

3, the chassis should be connected to a reliable ground, and regular inspection, the fan of the air inlet on the protective net, so as to avoid accidents.

Third, the equipment cleaning Collection:

1, cut off the power, open the fan interface and exhaust, exhaust time is generally 10-25 minutes, the remaining gas to squeeze. If the equipment because of rain water, be sure to drain the water and dry.

2, do cleaning, you can use the detergent to its stains, grease wipe, and then scrub with water, drying can be dry.

3, the equipment folded, with the bottom of the block to the front, and then covered with tarpaulin.

4, if long-term do not, put the clean equipment folded, bundled, packed well. Storage temperature is generally in -50 ~ +40 degrees Celsius is appropriate

5, the fan should pay attention to moisture, anti-corrosion. Pneumatic equipment should pay attention to rodent control insect bites.

Fourth, maintenance measures:

1, in order to ensure that your equipment to achieve normal life, in the boot play can not participate in too many children to play. Generally in the gas model to accommodate 3 square meters a child.

2, the facilities on the small shape from the decorative role, can not let the child hard pull, hard to avoid tearing.

3, the children play, can not let the children with hard objects in the equipment on the scribble, so as not to damage.

4, in case of equipment damage, in the damaged and spare on the PVC material are coated with special plastic, to be 5 minutes after the sticky stick, the adhesive, the appropriate extrusion, a few minutes can be used.

5, the pressure on the device is too soft to check whether there is too much leakage, tear holes, or power outages; pressure is too hard, to fan the air intake block a little.

6, such as a large area of non-normal use of damage, the factory can provide professional maintenance services, or directly back to the factory for maintenance.

Five warning:

1, is strictly prohibited children (3-6) play adventure projects.

2, to avoid children and older children at the same time a play, so as to avoid a collision accident.

3, the management staff to arrange to play all the children according to the rules of the game to play, so as to avoid unexpected.

4, in case of wind (four or more) rain, snow, fog, hail and other weather, equipment is strictly prohibited in the open air use, so as to avoid accidents.