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Current development of China 's water park industry

1, the rapid expansion of industry scale, in a rapid development stage

Since the new century, especially since 2010, China's water park into the rapid development of large-scale track. At present, there are more than 240 large and medium-sized water parks in China, of which more than 80% are completed after 2010, and there are more than 20 large and medium-sized water parks planned for the current plan. Nevertheless, compared with the water park, China's total number of water parks and per capita possession also has a considerable gap. The United States has the world's largest and most concentrated water park market, and now, the United States has more than 800 water parks, and every year there are more than 10 water park opened. Compared to China's population size, rapid growth of per capita income and the development of ordinary people's well-being needs, obviously, China's water park industry has a very broad potential to explore.

Corresponding to the rapid growth of the number of construction area is the rapid expansion. According to the statistics collected, before 2010, China's large and medium-sized water park construction area of nearly 6,000 acres, and 2010 to 2015, 6 years this data reached more than 35,000 acres, is the previous construction area of more than 5 times.

From the development stage, China's water park is in a rapid development stage. It is characterized by the rapid growth of the number, the scale is growing, the geographical proximity to the developed cities, mainly to meet the family and local market leisure and entertainment needs to the rapid growth of the middle class and the rapid development of urbanization as the support. This stage is roughly equivalent to the United States in the 1970s water park development stage. At present, with the slow economic growth and population aging, the US water park has entered a mature period, showing a steady growth in quantity, the market highly subdivided, multi-functional combination of high degree of industry characteristics.

2, brand building achieved certain results, and the developed countries there is still a significant gap

At present, China's water park brand building has made some progress, there have been a number of influential large and medium-sized water park. But it should be noted that, compared with the water park developed countries, China's water park brand building is still a huge gap. To Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, for example, with a national influence of the huge water park only one: Guangzhou Changlong Water Park, Beijing Water Cube Paradise Park, Shanghai Happy Valley Maya Beach Water Park. While the rest are regional brands or regional brands. For example, the influence of Chengdu Guo Tian Tian Shang Fen Shang Paradise and Chengdu Global Center Paradise Island Water Park is mainly confined to the southwest region, especially in Chengdu and Chongqing.

3, geographical concentration is obvious, but the concentration is reduced

And before 2000, China's water park, especially large and medium-sized water park, mainly concentrated in a few provinces of the situation is different from the current China in addition to Tibet, Qinghai, Gansu and Ningxia and other provinces, there are large and medium-sized water park distribution. Nevertheless, the phenomenon of geographical concentration still exists, of which, with large and medium-sized water park up to six provinces, the number of the existing large and medium-sized water park about half of the total.

Distribution from the point of view, the eastern region of the largest large and medium-sized water park, the proportion of more than half of the country, the central region and the western region is almost equal, while the northeastern region despite the hot water park is more popular, but because the province contains less The other three areas compared to the minimum number. This distribution is consistent with the consumption of water parks.

In terms of the distribution of urban agglomerations, the number of urban agglomerations in Chengdu is relatively small, and the remaining four cities, including the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Beijing, Tianjin and the Yangtze River, dominate the urban agglomeration , Especially the Yangtze River Delta city group, the number is much higher than other urban agglomeration. Regional urban agglomeration (including the urban agglomeration of the west bank of the Straits, the middle and south urban agglomeration, the Central Plains urban agglomeration, the Jianghuai urban agglomeration, the Harbin city group, the Shandong Peninsula city group, the Guanzhong urban agglomeration, the Beibu Bay urban agglomeration and the northern slope city group) The number of large and medium-sized water parks is generally between the number of state-level urban agglomerations and regional urban agglomerations, which is compatible with the population size and economic development of these urban agglomerations. The six regional urban agglomerations (including the urban agglomeration in the middle of Yunnan, the urban agglomeration in the middle of Guizhou, the Jinzhong city group, the Ningxia coastal city group and the Lanxi urban agglomeration) are relatively scarce, and the economic development is lagging behind, becoming a large and medium-sized water park The most scarce areas.