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How to choose a good quality baby swim ring?

What is the baby swim ring on the market, which baby swimming pool is the most suitable for your baby? Give your baby a safe and reliable baby swim ring, the following points:

1, baby swim ring model, for the baby to choose the swim ring should pay attention to the election model, the general baby swimming pool is divided into trumpet, medium, large three different models, trumpet for just born to 3 months Of the baby, the medium is applicable to 3-7 months of the baby, large for more than 8 months and the weight of more than 20 pounds baby;

2, baby swimming ring material is also very important, the material to meet the standards of medical equipment, it will not cause irritation to the baby's skin;

3, pay attention to see whether the surface is smooth, will not cause harm to the baby, to choose fine workmanship, no burr, so that will not scratch the baby's skin;

4, choose the baby swimming pool color is best not too bright, soft color, more suitable for the baby's visual nerve, will not stimulate the baby's vision, affecting visual development;

5, a special mandibular groove, the baby's jaw from the fixed protection of the role, to prevent the baby slip;

6, require safe anti-skid adjustable magic buckle, up and down each with buckle, can firmly fixed baby swim ring, to prevent the baby in the movement of the baby swimming ring buckle release baby baby swim ring from the risk of water, Can be adjusted according to the size of the baby's neck circumference, so that the baby's neck is very comfortable to be supported by the baby swimming pool;

7, baby swim ring to use a number of balloon design, the market is generally common double balloon baby swim ring. And have a separate inflatable mouth, so even in one of the airbags in the case of leakage, but also to ensure that there is enough air to support the baby, to ensure the safety of the baby;

8, leak-proof valve: baby swim ring used in the leaky mouth, did not cover the gas mouth or mouth cover was accidentally open the case, the baby swimming ring will not appear all of a sudden leakage of light gas situation;

9, to see the baby swim ring brand, the market baby swim ring brand, quite a mixed bag, the quality of uneven, it is easy to be deceived. To choose the well-known baby swim ring manufacturers of products, so as to have the quality and safety protection.