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On the benefits of water sports

1, enhance myocardial function

People in the water movement, the various organs are involved, energy consumption, blood circulation also will be accelerated to provide more nutrients for sports organs. Increased blood speed will increase the load on the heart, so that the frequency of beating faster, strong contraction. Often swim people, excellent heart function. Most people's heart rate of 70 - 80 beats / min, stroke volume of 60 - 80 ml. And often swim people heart rate up to 50 - 55 times / min, a lot of good swimmers, heart rate up to 38 - 46 times / min, stroke volume up to 90 - 120 ml. Swimming when the role of water so that limb blood easily back to the heart, so that heart rate. Long-term swimming will have a significant increase in cardiac exercise, strong contraction, increased thickness of the vessel wall increased flexibility, increased blood pressure per stroke output. So, swimming can exercise a strong heart.

2, to enhance the resistance

Swimming pool water temperature is often 26 degrees to 28 degrees, soak in the water heat fast, energy consumption. As soon as possible to supplement the body to send the heat, for the needs of hot and cold balance, the nervous system will quickly respond to the body to speed up the metabolism to enhance the body's ability to adapt to the outside world, to resist the cold. Often participate in winter swimming, because the body temperature adjustment function is improved, it is not easy to colds, but also improve the body's endocrine function, is the pituitary function increased, thereby enhancing the resistance to disease and immunity.

3, lose weight

Swimming when the body directly soaked in water, the water is not only large resistance, and thermal conductivity is also very good, heat dissipation, and thus consume more heat. It is like a just cooked eggs, the cooling rate in the air, far less fast in cold water. Experiments show that: people in the standard swimming pool running 20 minutes of calories consumed, equivalent to the same speed on the land for 1 hour, 14 degrees in the water to stay for 1 minute of calories consumed up to 100 kcal, equivalent to the same temperature air 1 hour in the distribution of heat. It can be seen, in the water movement, will make many people want to lose weight, get a multiplier effect, so swimming is to maintain the body one of the most effective movement.

4, body shape

People in the swimming, usually use the buoyancy of water prone or supine in the water, the body relaxation and stretch, so that the body get a comprehensive, symmetrical, coordinated development, so that muscle lines smooth. In the water movement due to reduce the ground movement to the impact of the bones, reducing the chance of old bone loss, so that the bone and joint is not easy to deformation. Water resistance can increase the intensity of human exercise, but this intensity, but also different from the land on the equipment training, is very soft, the intensity of training and easy to control within the aerobic field, will not grow very stiff Of the muscle block, you can make the body lines smooth, beautiful.

5, to strengthen lung function

Breathing mainly by the lung, the strength of lung function by the strength of respiratory muscle function to decide, exercise is to improve and improve the vital capacity of one of the effective means. According to the determination: swimming when the chest to be 12-15 kg of pressure, coupled with cold water to stimulate muscle contraction, breathing difficulties, forcing people to breathe, increase the depth of breathing, so inhaled oxygen to meet the needs of the body. The average person's lung capacity is about 3200 ml, poor breathing (maximum inspiratory and maximum expiratory bust expansion and contraction difference) is only 4-8 cm, strenuous exercise when the maximum oxygen uptake of 2.5 - 3 l / min, More than 10 times the quiet time; and swimming athletes vital capacity can be as high as 4000-7000 ml, breathing difference of 12-15 cm, strenuous exercise when the maximum oxygen up to 4.5 - 7.5 l / min, than the quiet increase of 20 Times Swimming to promote the development of human breathing, chest enlargement, increased lung capacity, and inspiratory alveolar opening more ventilation, smooth, very beneficial to health.